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Is stainless steel sink better than granite sink?

Is stainless steel sink better than granite sink?


No matter how big or small your kitchen is or how well-maintained you keep it, the kitchen sink remains one of the primary units of a kitchen. When buying a kitchen sink, it is important to consider that this is a one-time investment, you cannot risk your money by making a wrong purchase.

As we talk about sinks, gladly the competition has narrowed down a lot over the past few decades leaving two main competitors i.e stainless steel sinks and composite granite sinks. Stainless steel sink vs Granite sink is a never-ending battle these days.

To be fair enough, both have their pros and cons and choosing one of them can be a tough choice to make. But, we are here to help. If you are looking for a sink that has strength, is durable, and has a beautiful shape that adds a remarkable class to your kitchen, you are just on the right page.

Before we share our verdict on this ever-burning topic, let us just dig into some minute details about these two competitors.

Your Kitchen Sink Buying Guide:

Here is a complete guide on what you should be looking for in a kitchen sink. However, this highly differs from kitchen to kitchen and from person to person. Therefore, before you make a final decision, make sure that you have a list of your personal preferences.


Following are some general points that you need to bring into consideration before purchasing a sink for your kitchen.

Durable and Malleable:

First of all, the durability and strength of any sink are prime factors to consider before making a purchase. Only an extremely durable sink can be used in the long run. If a sink is durable and malleable it will automatically become very easy for you to install other sink accessories and use spare parts when needed.


The sink should be eye-appealing as this will add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. This is very clear, no one would like an ugly sink resting in their kitchen.

Scratch/Stain and Heat resistant:

The material used in a sink should be scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and most importantly heat resistant. The reason why it should be scratch and stain resistant is pretty much evident as this property in a sink will save you a great deal of money and time you will otherwise have to spend on cleaning products and on scrubbing the surfaces. Heat resistance is indeed crucial because a sink’s capacity to withstand high temperatures is directly proportional to the life span it will have.


A sink should always be lightweight, as this will prevent the additional task of reinforcing the area around your drop-in sink.

Waste disposal units:

These are very similar to blenders, with their sharp little blades these waste disposal units can crush every bit of waste that is going in your sink and hence make it easy for it to go down the drain.

The waste disposal unit should be an essential part of your kitchen sink. this is to be emphasized much as this feature of a sink can save you from blocked drains and leakages which can result due to blockage. Any build-up in the drains when already in crushed form can be flushed away very easily.


A kitchen sink should be easy to clean and should have easy maintenance because, even though the sink is one major unit of a kitchen, both apparently or practically still no one likes to spend hours and hours just making their sink look spik and span.

Noise Levels:

Noise level is yet another important factor to consider when purchasing a sink. this very much depends on the material and the thickness of the sink. if a sink is very thinly manufactured its surface will act as a drum’s surface when you turn on the tap. this can be a nightmare because let us be honest who likes the horrible dripping noise of a tap.


lastly and most importantly you need to consider your budget. a sink should be cost-friendly. Going a little over the budget will not hurt much because this is a one time purchase and also because investing in a good kitchen sink will help you save money in a couple of different ways. it will reduce the maintenance price over time and in some cases will help you save your environment from harmful chemical products.

Personal Preference:

Apart from these few factors, there are other things that you need to choose from. Before you make your purchase you need to be very clear about properties that you desire in your kitchen things and properties that you can compromise on.

For instance, can you compromise on the colour scheme of your sink? or do you want it to be in a certain colour that goes well with your kitchen colour scheme.

With that said, we now move on to a clear comparison between Stainless steel kitchen sinks and Granite composite sinks.

Stainless Steel Sink VS Granite Sink:

We will help you make the right choice by drawing a comparison between these two types of sinks, so to begin with let us get a brief introduction of how is a stainless steel kitchen sink different from a granite composite sink. Narrowing down these differences will make it easier for you to be confident about your personal preferences when purchasing a kitchen sink.

Differences between granite sinks and stainless steel sinks:

Although both these types of sinks are very tough competitors still they can differ in several ways. Both these products have their pros and cons, therefore, as mentioned earlier, the reason why one should buy either of these, differ from person to person.

Stainless steel sinks:

A vast variety of stainless steel sinks are handmade a few, however, are made by pressing against moulds. These are the traditional Kitchen sinks we have grown up using in our kitchens. Stainless steel sinks are the classic old school sinks with a very hard-wearing and tough body.

Here we have summarised stainless steel sink cons and pros.

Pros of stainless steel sinks:


when it comes to stainless steel sink pros, there is a lot to explore and appreciate. starting with one of the most important features of any sink.

Durable and Heat, Chip and Crack Resistant:

Stainless steel sinks are highly durable with sheer strength and are chip and crack resistant. It is very important to make a wise purchase to get the best durability in a sink by making sure that it is at least about a 1.5mm 306 grade stainless steel sink. However, the supreme series of stainless steel is 316 grade.

A sink is used on an everyday basis so it is very very important for it to be super strong and when it comes to strength, stainless steel is beyond any doubt the best material for the manufacture of a kitchen sink.

Another major pro that gives an edge to the stainless steel sink over a granite composite sink is that no matter how you treat this sink it will never bubble or peel.

Stainless steel sinks are versatile with a huge variety in sizes and shapes:

Composite sinks or granite composite sinks can hardly be seen in any other shape than a square or a rectangle however, a stainless steel sink comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. it might not be very versatile with colours unlike its competitor the granite composite sink but its lustrous silver shine makes it the coolest thing in any kitchen. also due to a variety in shapes and sizes this little fellow can fit anywhere in your kitchen.

we will also give additional points to this sink type as stainless steel sinks have introduced a variety of different bowl shapes and types ranging from a standard single bowl, double bowl and even a half bowl. So now you can get a sink ideal for the space of your kitchen.


Glossy or matte finish and Easy- Maintenance:

unlike the granite composite sinks, you don’t have to worry much about how to make this kitchen sink sparkle. Its rust-free surface is very strong and is very tough towards oxidation and any decolourizing chemical. a little sweep with a regular detergent, dish soap or a gentle scrub with an orange peel, vinegar or even a tomato can give an immediate lustrous finish to your sink.

You can opt for a glossy finish or a matte finish sink depending on your choice.

How cool isn’t it? In addition to this, the enormous heat resistance makes it suitable for regular use you can use hot soapy water to clear away grease from pots and pans without the concern of causing any damage to the sink.

warm water, hot water, minerals from water, all such things can sometimes result in water spots and stains which can easily be removed by a good wash and the shine can be restored with just a smooth massage of baby oil.

Stainless steel sink is Cost-Friendly with Ease of Installation:

As compared to composite granite sinks, stainless steel can be very cost-friendly. However, the cost depends on the quality of the sink material and can range anywhere within 200$- 800$ and sometimes even more.

Moreover, because of its lightweight and variety in sizes, this sink offers great ease of installation. it can easily be removed and replaced if needed.

Cons of stainless steel sinks:

Stainless steel sinks do have a few cons which should be considered before making a final choice.

Noisy and easily deformed:

Stainless steel if very thin and of lower quality can increase the amplitude of the sound and increase it tremendously. eg. if you purchase a stainless steel sink of low quality then be prepared to get a mini heart attack whenever someone opens up the tap or drops a plate in the sink. Moreover, you cannot afford to throw utensils in such a sink because it will result in dents and scratches on the sink surface.

However, this can be avoided if you invest in expensive and good quality stainless steel. Otherwise, a relatively cheap stainless steel sheet will be very vulnerable to dents and scratches:

Less Harmonious:

You might not like a stainless steel sink if you are someone who is a big fan of colours and textures, as stainless steel comes in only one colour. No matter how advanced and modern you make it it will still be either a matte silver or a glossy finish. So if you are looking for a colour coordinated sink that settles in perfect harmony with your kitchen style, this might not be a good pick for your taste.

Granite Composite Sinks:

These sinks are the more naturally manufactured ones. Granite sinks are manufactured by highly concentrated mineral elements and resins. Granite stone dust and acrylic resins when moulded together and figured in a sink shape under high pressure produce the Granite Sinks.

This is the closest cousin of that elite natural stone finish which is one major reason we see Granite countertops in elite and posh kitchens.

Composite sinks are manufactured by combining quartz and granite at high temperatures and under sheer pressure.

One major difference in the practical usage of a composite and a granite sink is that placing a hot pan on a granite sink will result in chipping however since composite is far more heat resistant, therefore, the same hot pan will have no effect on a composite sink.

Pros of Granite composite sinks:

Granite composite sinks though not as durable and resistant as a stainless steel sinks, have their pros.

Long-Lasting with great chip, scratch and heat resistance:

Granite Sinks might not have a great heat resistance but they surely are wonderful when it comes to chip and scratch resistance. you need to be very careful with the temperature of any utensil that comes in contact with a granite sink as vulnerability to high temperature can result in cracking of the sink surface. however, if it is a granite composite sink then you may feel free to use it at any temperature.

Variety in colour and texture:

One major pro of these sinks is the variety of colours and textures they provide. if you are looking for a vibrant colour to harmonise with the interior of your kitchen or you feel attracted to different textural elements in your kitchen surfaces, this is just the right choice for you

Eay to clean:

This might not be a very ideal phrase to explain this pro but if you are not keen on using chemical substances and prefer organic ways to sterilise and maintain the hygiene of your kitchen surfaces, this is an ideal choice for you. as with this particular material you can only use natural and more eco-friendly ways to clean it.

Cons of Granite sinks:


These are extremely heavy as they almost weigh the same as a stone so you will have to go that extra mile to make sure that these kitchen sinks fit in well in your sink socket.

Only matte finish:

This can be counted in as one of the cons of these kitchen sinks as despite being available in almost all colours they only come in a matte finish. If you are looking for a more lustrous and glossy finish to your sink, you will have to look for a different sink type such as stainless steel or perhaps porcelain sinks.


These granite kitchen sinks are only less expensive than their posh relative, the natural stone. They are more expensive than all other sink types.

Requires high Maintainance:

If you are planning to opt for a granite composite sink, immediately get rid of all your harsh chemicals, abrasive substances, metal scrub pads and other materials that include chemical substances, because your composite sink requires extra care. If prone to any chemical your sink surface will most probably start to bubble or peel destroying the overall look and grandeur of the sink. steel ones are much better in this regard.

Avoid using stuff like vinegar, citrus fruits, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, ammonia and any other chemical cleaners on the sink surface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Granite sinks chip and crack easily?

Although high-quality Granite sinks are manufactured under high pressure, are highly non-porous, and are hygiene friendly, yet, if not handled properly granite sinks can chip easily or in the worst scenarios even crack. this is one major con of granite composite sinks.

Is a granite sink worth it?

As mentioned earlier, this highly depends on what is important to you. If you are looking for a classy and modern sink that is durable and strong with a natural stone finish and are willing to compromise on cost, heat resistance, easy maintenance and weight of your sink then granite composite sinks or composite sinks will be worth it.

But, if you are looking for something budget-friendly, maintenance-friendly, heat resistant, and not very heavy, a granite composite sink might not be a wise choice for you.

Are stainless steel sinks better than Granite composite sinks?

If you want to have a relatively less expensive, easy to maintain and clean sink and are least bothered by how posh it looks, then stainless steel is just the perfect choice for you.

But, if you desire a posh and elite look with a sink that creates less noise, is hygienic, eco-friendly and if you have a free hand budget without the concern of spending all your money on a sink then a composite sink is exactly what you are after.


Keeping all the above-mentioned pros and cons in consideration it is evident that with its cost-friendly, easy to clean and maintain, heat resistant properties and much more, stainless steel has a slight edge over the composite granite sinks.

However, your choice shouldn’t be based on our verdict but should be centred around what is more important to you. As they say, it is all about your priorities.

Post time: Mar-16-2022