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PVD Handmade Stainless Steel 304 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink NM629

PVD Handmade Stainless Steel 304 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink NM629

Short Description:

NODMA is a kitchen sink built in two pieces for easy installation. This sink is made from durable stainless steel with a PVD finish and boasting dent resistance. In addition, this sink offers an attractive smooth appearance guaranteed not to rust or corrode. Both bowls are large enough for cooking pots or pans with room left over for hand washing dishes with a rubber-tipped faucet offering intense water pressure. Moreover, NODMA’s large capacity allows you to fill up one tub before turning on the other, so there’s no waiting or wasting time! Dishwasher-friendly ceramic sinks can’t do that. This tough sink lasts for generations without any need for repair through its rigid construction, giving customers years of dependable use.

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Product Name PVD Handmade Stainless Steel 304 Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
Model Number NM629
Matarial SUS304
Thickness 1.2mm
Overall Size(mm) 800*480*225mm
Cutout Size(mm) 775*455mm
Mounting Type Topmount
OEM/ODM avaliable Yes
Sink Finish Nano PVD
Color Black/Gray/Gold
Delivery Time 25-35 days after deposit
Packing Non woven bags with Foam/paper corner protector or paper protector.

Product Advantage


The Stainless Steel Single Handmade Sink is an excellent alternative for anyone looking to save both time and water when doing dishes. The sink design includes a double partition that makes it possible to do dishwashing and handwashing in one easy step. This double bowl sink also expands the versatility of the single sink, making this product perfect for any home on the go.

The product is an innovative stainless steel sink that integrates contemporary design. It has a sleek, guide-line design to direct water flow while providing space for dishes and utensils. In addition, the small R-angles offer a clean look without dead spots so that you can say goodbye to cleaning problems!

The double-bowl stainless steel sink has an R-shaped design that guides the water towards the drain, ensuring no bacteria buildup. The clean and stylish look of this sink is guaranteed to meet your kitchen's expectations for professionalism.

Meet the handcrafted stainless steel double bowl sink with a complete R-angle design. With no dead spots and extremely easy to clean, this sink is perfect for any commercial kitchen and the most modern of kitchens. Invented by professional chefs who know what cooks need from their equipment, it's time for you to say goodbye to those old sinks that got stained with one too many dishwashing mishaps!


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