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Stainless Steel Pressing Sink Double Bowl OH7742

Stainless Steel Pressing Sink Double Bowl OH7742

Short Description:

Whether you need some soaking time for dishes before drying, combining fresh produce with pure water to make the best product, or shaping wet clay for your pottery project…this sink can be used on all occasions. Made of high-quality stainless steel and sturdy enough to last through years of heavy-duty use, this Sink comes equipped with a pre-installed chain-type faucet attachment that makes doing any chore easier than ever! This sink will give your kitchen new life.

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Product Name Stainless Steel Pressing Sink Double Bowl  
Model Number OH7742
Matarial SUS304
Thickness 0.8mm
Overall Size(mm) 770*420*215mm
Cutout Size(mm) 754*395mm
Mounting Type Topmount
OEM/ODM avaliable Yes
Sink Finish Brush/Satin
Color Stainless Steel Original Color
Delivery Time 25-35 days after deposit
Packing Non woven bags with Foam/paper corner protector or paper protector.

Product Advantage

Sometimes the right sink can do a lot of things. So whether you have a small kitchen, catering business, or want to free up some counter space for other purposes, the top-mount stainless steel sink is an excellent addition to your home or office. This double bowl sink comes with a generous 10-inch drain size and an easy-clean design that makes cleanup quick and painless. Just wait until you see how lightweight this product is!

You know a sink is classy when it's made from stainless steel. The time you'll save cleaning means more time doing what you enjoy. And the double bowls ensure dishes won't pile up in the dishwasher, making for less work later on. Resist scratches and rust with this convenient top-mount design that protects against spills in our worst possible spot: at the counter's edge.

Comfortable, easy to use, and durable are three words that describe this sink. The touch surfaces on the stainless steel are smooth to the touch, making it comfortable for children or families with people with allergies. This topmount sink is also easy-cleaning since it does not have any crevices in which food can hide! A double-bowl design means you don't have to look for soap while washing dishes or your hands after preparing a meal.

When it comes to kitchen sinks, our stainless steel sink double-bowl is the best solution. With a topmount design and easy-clean qualities, you'll never have a dish wash concern again.

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